Costumes and stories entertained our forefathers

Dressing up in costumes and telling stories was the entertainment of yesteryear

A long time ago, human beings did not have the gadgets we use today. These have only been introduced in the last century and one of the most effective gadgets that has been the top most device is the television. So nothing was there for people’s enjoyment and entertainment. People did not have many choices as now when we have many channels. If we do not like a program we have an option of more than hundred channels available..

Do you know what all people did to entertain themselves? They did not have televisions, radio sets, ipods or ipads, cell phones or tablets. So what did they do? They held groups around fires and told stories. They held duets. They arranged story telling gatherings. They gathered people and had races and mutual fights and they wore costumes like you might see here This is the best thing that is still being followed. To have fancy costume parties and in these parties people like to wear showtime costumes; especially, at the big events which are held in big hotels or expensive venues.

In the old days, people did not have enough money or ideas to prepare showtime costumes. When we see the old time movies, we see that the costumes used in old days were heavy and stuffy. For ladies it was really difficult to manage those costumes easily and for the parties when they wore the showtime costumes, one could easily deduce that it was really difficult for the lady to handle that showtime costume.

Today the ideas have changed. I have seen many parties in which showtime costumes are worn but they are different. You can find more than hundred types of showtime costumes in few costume parties which you attend in one year. Surprisingly, the next year you are able to see more and news styles and designs. This is because there is a lot of investment in the showtime costumes and more intelligent people are using their minds to create new and different designs. When a good design is produced, there are companies which buy that particular design at an exorbitant rate. Subsequently these companies earn a lot of money. As there is a huge market of showtime costumes, these costumes are being produced in large quantities. These are not only consumed in the local market but are also exported worldwide. For different countries, the designs are altered to cater for the local traditions.