Fashion influences in costume design

Make a decision to incorporate fashion into your costume

There are different types and styles of costumes available in the market. These come in different sizes and colours. We all need to have showtime costumes as we all like to wear these at the costume parties; especially, when it is being held as a big event. Let me give an idea to you how to prepare a showtime costume for the big event. You will need to have following things for the showtime costume.
• Cargo trousers of khaki colour.
• A watch – possibly of silver colour
• A thermal long sleeved shirt

Get a thermal long sleeved shirt that is of green colour. It should have buttons which are generally called Henley style. In this style shirt it always looks good when you keep two to three top buttons open. You must select the green colour which has shades of khaki as you have to match this shirt with the khaki trousers. Now wear the khaki trousers and see it matches with the green thermal shirt. In fact green colour has millions of shades. You can go outside and see for yourself that nature has produced so many green colours and all are visible in the vegetation. One green of nature is not like another one.
You can take some inspiration for costumes here

So it is not necessary that the green and khaki will match. You can be sure of that once both are together. Matching of colours proves that you have got fashion sense. Another important point is that the khaki cargo trouser should have only one pocket and that too on the left leg.
Now wear the silver watch and one thing I forgot to tell earlier is the addition of leather gloves. These should be black as worn by the motor bike riders. Along with the shirt, trouser and watch, you should wear black solid boots with black socks. Shoes should have thick heels and broad toe. This is a complete showtime costume; however, you can change the look as per your choice. You can add many accessories and all depends upon your choice and availability of accessories in the market. Also you have to see the budget and financial aspects.

This is a great and good looking showtime costume. There are many other ideas as well and you can get benefitted from those. The aim is to look good and have fun and people should remember your showtime costume for a long time to come.