Costume creator gives advice on common questions

Advice for costume party goers

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Many people ask me to help them on how to prepare or arrange a party on 70s fancy dress costumes.
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People send me emails and also make telephone calls for this purpose. And whenever such a party is being held in the near future, the messages start coming, every day of the week. I keep getting calls almost twenty four hours a day. So I have decided to help all of you and here are some tips that will help you find affordable showtime costumes.

Select a theme: It is very easy to select a theme. Think of a television series, cartoons, fairy tales, toys, famous movies or anything which you have read about in comics or see at the movies. Now you have thought about the theme select your character and while selecting bear in mind the following points :

• Is the particular costume available in the market? Or if you want to prepare it yourself, are there accessories connected with the costume available in the shops?

• Do people know about this character or, after wearing this showtime costume, you will have to explain to everyone at the function what it actually is.

• Will the costume selected be acceptable to the people arranging the party? Does it match with their requirements or is it against it. You may decide to wear an adult sexy costume but the party organizers may not like this idea as the party is for children.

Arrange a low price costume event : It is 99% likely that you are going to wear this costume only once and it will be a waste of money if you spend a heavy amount on a costume that is for once in life time. So it is always better to spend less and go for a cheap outfit. But it should be of very low quality that people start disliking your taste and choice.

So you have to maintain a balance and go for a good but cheap showtime costume. Generally online websites provide good quality but affordable showtime costumes.
People will give you hundreds of tips to select costumes. But I will give you only two which I have mentioned in my previous lines. If you follow only these two advices, you will be happy and at the same time you will get the required costume for the party without spending much.