Costume Advice on Often Asked Questions

Advice for costume party goers

For an initial intro to the world of party costume design visit the National Theatre website
Many people ask me to help them on how to prepare or arrange a party on 70s fancy dress costumes.
(Just in case you want to consider doing a short course on design here)

People send me emails and call me up for tips and ideas on costume creation. When a party is being held in the near future, the messages start coming, every day of the week. I get calls almost twenty four hours a day. So I have decided to help all of you at the same time. Here are some tips that will help you find or create your own affordable showtime costumes.

Select a theme: It is very easy. Think of a television series, cartoons, fairy tales, toys, famous movies or anything which you have read about in comics or seen at the movies. Now you have thought about it, select your character and bear in mind the following points :

• Is the particular costume available in the market? Or if you want to prepare it yourself, are there accessories connected with the costume available in the shops?

• Do people know about this character. If not, you will have to explain to everyone at the function what it actually is. It’s not much fun being proud of your creation if no one has a clue who you are meant to be.

• Will the costume be acceptable to the people arranging the party? Does it match with their requirements or is it against it? You may decide to wear an adult sexy costume but the party organizers may not like this idea.

Arrange a low price costume event i.e. one where costumes don’t cost much. It’s 99% likely that you’re going to wear this only once and it will be a waste of money if you spend a big amount on it. So it’s always better to spend less and go for a cheap outfit. As creative people, and you have to be creative to be in this industry, our challenge is to put something together that captures the character and looks good, using cheap farics and accessories from wherever we can get them.

Generally online websites provide good quality but affordable showtime costumes.
People will give you hundreds of tips to select costumes on thse sites. But I will give you only two. If you follow only these two tips, you are all set to succeed.